Unlock, root and flash custom recovery on androidone, everything through linux

Warning : You may brick your device. Follow the instruction at your own risk.
Disclaimer: Unlocking your phone’s bootloader voids its warranty.




1. Android Debug Bridge CLI tool and Android Fastboot protocol CLI tool. Easily available in debian via

apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

2. Custom recovery

TWRP is used here. For androidone (code name sprout) use twrp-

3. Superuser access management


4. Linux root access ( execute all commands in this guide as root )

5. USB data cable to connect mobile device with laptop


Activate Developer Options and USB debugging


Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap seven times on Build number to enable Developer option and then enable USB debugugging at same.




Communicate with android through adb


Connect mobile into laptop usb and agree with “Allow usb debugging”  as asked by phone.

As root execute “adb devices” on linux and the device should be listed.



Before Going further take a full backup even without root


full backup of nonrooted android


oem unlock and flash recovery, supersu through fastboot


reboot android in fastboot mode through adb

adb reboot-bootloader

Once in fastboot mode adb can’t communicate with android anymore, hence need Fastboot protocol CLI tool. Verify the availability of device in fastboot mode

fastboot devices


Run the following from the folder contains recovery image and supersu

Flash recovery image

fastboot flash recovery twrp-

Flash superuser zip

Reboot into normal mode

fastboot reboot

Push SuperSu zip into SD

adb push UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.02.zip /sdcard

Reboot into Recovery

adb reboot recovery

Install the SuperSu from recovery
Reboot into normal mode

Check root access in normal mode

adb shell
who am i

shell@sprout will be changed to root@sprout and obviously “who am i” is there.


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