Flash cyanogen(mod) on sprout a.k.a androidone



Warning: Your data ( sms, call logs etc..) apps, configuration stored in phone memory will be lost, take backup.




1. Unlocked androidone and install recovery

Here is the howto

2. Backup

Take nanroid backup from recovery as well as full backup through adb

Here is the howto

Also consider installing Super Backup and Titanium Backup on rooted device to take app+data backup, sms/log backup

3. CyanogenMod 12.1 with ThunderZap 3.0 kernel by varun.chitre15

Download image for sprout (code name of androidone)

4. GAPPS (Google Apps)

Google-branded apps should not come pre-installed on any custom (AOSP) ROM due to licensing restriction, so we need to flash it separately. Download GAPPS 5.1 for cm-12.1 from http://androidxda.net/gapps/




1. push cm zip and gapps into sdcard ( as root )

adb push cm-12.1-20150422-UNOFFICIAL-sprout.zip /sdcard
adb push gapps-5.1-2015-04-20-15-56-24.zip /sdcard

2. boot into recovery

adb reboot recovery

3. wipe system, data and cache partition through recovery
go to “Wipe” -> “Advanced Wipe” and select “Dlvik Cache”, “System”, “Data”, “Cache” then wipe




4. Flash cm zip

The ROM and Gapps have already been pushed earlier into sdcard by adb.
Install -> external SD card -> <select rom/gapps>



5. Install gapps


6. Reboot

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